MY YEAR, 2018

Photography by Demi Bang

Planner: Target // Cardigan: American Eagle Outfitters // Jeans: Hollister Co. // Eyewear: Zero UV

With each new year, comes more blessings, sacrifices, challenges, and losses that you must endure. No one is ever sure what the next year is going to hold, but somehow it brings each and every person, a new beginning. A fresh start! It gives you the chance to set goals, the ability to dream, and the opportunity to conquer anything that comes your way. 2018 for me is not necessarily a new beginning, but more so a year that I’m claiming as mine! There are so many things that I’ve been constantly working towards over the last two years, and I truly feel like this year will be a positive turning point in so many areas of my life, as I’ll have the opportunity to finally complete some of the goals that I set out to accomplish a few years ago. I’m excited to see where this next year will take me in my faith, career, passions, and relationships, but I’m also ready to tackle any and every obstacle that happens to come my way.

My advice to anyone reading, would be to take the time to plan out your year, set goals, and organize your life. As with better preparation, come greater results!

Cheers to 2018! Make this year YOURS!




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