When it comes to inspiration, I pull from almost any and everything. With my fashion and lifestyle blog, most of my inspiration comes from other bloggers, pictures on Instagram, magazines, Pinterest, and shopping around in stores. When I come across something that interests or inspires me, I’ll either take a picture of it, screenshot it, or save it in my phone so I will have something to reference later. I’m not always near my notebook or computer to write out my ideas, so often times I will make quick notes in my phone, and then come back to my notes or picture references later. With some of my favorite bloggers and influencers, I’m always thinking about what makes them unique, and ultimately what makes them unique is that they stick to their own personal style, no matter what they blog about, but at the same time, they are always right on point or ahead of the current trends. And when they add their own flare to it, it makes them really stand out. Often times at night, I’ll find myself scrolling through magazines, Pinterest and Instagram, and I love that because it sparks me to research and expand on ideas that I had, when I wake up the next day. It inspires me to continue putting out quality content for my viewers and readers. My favorite source of inspiration though, is actually going to the mall, furniture stores, or unique boutiques and just looking around, scooping out some of the new product and latest trends, [but often times I end up buying something…oops 🙂 ]. Just one item can spark inspiration for my next piece of content!

In the pictures above, are some items that I always keep around, and are essential to me when I’m creating new content. My Canon camera is always by my side. If I’m not doing photo sessions for clients, then I’m taking pictures for my blog or Instagram. I literally use it at least twice a day. With the Style A to Zoe book by Rachel Zoe, I always refer to it when I’m working on style or fashion content. It has some great tips in there to keep in mind when styling for your blog or just everyday life. And finally I have my HP computer, which is where I keep the bulk of my writings. It’s perfect though because it’s light weight, so I can take it basically anywhere without much hassle, like to a photoshoot or to the coffee house to answer emails. And it’s touchscreen so it’s super easy to navigate.

​Thank you for checking out this post! I hope you enjoyed it!


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